Cars can stun you at any time of the day. Car owners should pay more attention to safety, especially when driving on the road at night. There are basic items that can prevent someone from getting stranded on the road. If you get caught up in an unpleasant situation, a quicker way out will help ease your worries.

Bisi Kareem, the public education officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps, said there were essentials to assist drivers in the event of an emergency such as breakdown or mechanical failure, as well as to reduce the intended risks that could affect the safety of other road users.

Likewise, the director, Guardian Automobile Limited, Mr. Niyi Shonibare, stated that according to the rules and safety guidelines of road safety, there was a basic need for every car owner.

The experts outlined some of the essential items you must have in a car.

Fan belt

The car engineer noted that the fan belt was important because it controls all the rotational force in the engine. If it slackened, the car would break down and stop moving. He advised that having a spare part is usually a better way to find where to buy it, as you can quickly have it replaced along the way.

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The warning sign (warning triangle) is a must-have for every car owner. This is for awareness and safety in the event of a malfunction. Kareem stated that the warning triangle is used when a vehicle breaks down to warn oncoming traffic of the emergency.

spare tire

The importance of a spare wheel cannot be emphasized enough. Shobanire said they needed a spare wheel for replacement in the event of a puncture or puncture. Also, a tire foam can help save one until one gets to a mechanic. When there is no spare tire and there is a puncture, the foam is used to seal any punctures by simply spraying. The car can be driven slowly to the mechanic for an adequate repair.

Jack, wheel wrench

“If you have an extra tire, but no jack or wheel wrench, it’s pretty much useless,” said Shobanire. He said both items should come with a spare tire as a tire cannot be removed or repaired without it. Kareem added that a wheel wrench is used when changing tires and spare fan belt.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is indispensable almost everywhere. Whether at home, in the office, at school or in the car, one needs a fire extinguisher. The FRSC official noted that a fire extinguisher would be useful to extinguish fire during a fire.

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Four liters of water

Water is an integral part of a car’s necessities. One cannot use it in the end, but other commuters/drivers may need it. Shobanire advised car owners to keep four liters of water in the car at all times, especially if there is a radiator leak, so as not to get stuck. Radiators are heat exchangers used to cool internal combustion engines, so they occasionally need coolant. A limited amount of coolant can cause the engine to overheat or seize up, causing permanent damage with continued use.

Kareem added that other fluids, such as transmission fluid and hydraulics, were also needed if there is a shortage of those in the vehicle.

Basic tool set

In general, basic tool kits should be part of one’s car accessories. Shobanire noted that screwdrivers and pliers were useful tools that one might need in an emergency to repair something. “I know some women who keep them close to their car doors in an emergency or intimidation to protect themselves,” he said.


Shobanire stated that car batteries rarely run out, but some car batteries usually do because of a faulty alternator. He said that before the battery runs out, it usually gives signs, such as when the car’s battery light flashes or stays off permanently while driving, or when there is a beeping sound coming from the car. He advised motorists whose cars have a history of a failed alternator and travel long distances to buy a spare or repair the faulty one as a replacement.

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In addition, jumper cables should be added to the list of supplies so that when someone gets another battery to start the car, they don’t have to look for cables as well.

first aid kit

Emergencies are usually not someone’s wish, but planning ahead of time saves one of them. Kareem said that a first aid kit is one of the most useful tools in a vehicle that can be used in the event of a traffic accident. Kit contents, such as iodine, cottonwood, plaster and spirits, are used to provide first aid to accident victims before being taken to hospital. Keep a first aid kit in your car. You never know when you need it.


Flashlights are vital, especially for those who travel at night. When one has to replace a bad tire or fix something in the car when it is late, a flashlight will go a long way in such periods.

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