Having friends around for a long time takes extra effort, especially if you’re an introvert.

Maintaining a long-term relationship with friends and family requires willfulness if you are someone who values ​​and longs for your space.

You also need to remember that no one is an island. This means that sooner or later no one can stand on their own without people around them.

Nurturing and sustaining friendship requires dedication, willfulness, respect, and trust. However, there are several ways to maintain and maintain your relationship with your friends.

1. Make time to bond with them

If you are a busy person, it can be difficult to have friends around. This is because you have little or no time to bond with your friends. This must have cost you a lot of friendships.

It is necessary to take conscious actions, go on nice trips, to the cinema, a picnic or vacations to communicate more. Spend more time with them.

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2. Respect Their Boundaries

As friends it is important that you set boundaries and also respect each other’s boundaries. This is very important for maintaining a good friendship. Know when to abstain from their business and when to intervene.

If you call your opposite sex friends at odd times, you may be stepping outside your limits. No matter how close you are, there are some landmarks you shouldn’t cross to maintain a good relationship.

You should also set boundaries with your friends so that there is no friction between you. Let them know your schedule and why you’re not answering or calling back their texts.

3. Contact them often

Consistently checking on your friends is one way to nurture and nurture your relationship with them. Calling them, texting them, and reminding them how much they mean to you will keep the flow between you two.

4. Come through for them in their low state

In general, a friend is known in difficult times. This is because it is rare to find someone who will support you through thick and thin.

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You can build a good friendship by standing up and standing up for your friends in their weakest state.

This shows how much you care about them.

5. Communicate Often

Effective communication is a form of communication that involves a speaker and an active listener. Communication is a two-way street. Try to listen effectively as much as possible without being distracted or interrupting your friend while talking.

Best friends are those who listen closely and communicate attentively. Know when to speak and how to pronounce those words.

6. Learn to keep secrets

No one would want to be friends with someone who leaks every little secret or gossip about them. Healthy friendships are based on trust. The confidence that you can tell your friends things and deep secrets about you without hearing it from different people elsewhere.


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