A review of Dauda Abimbola’s Iwoland: Bedrock of Sports Legends by Adeolu Adeyemo.

NOT many people know that Iwo, in the state of Osun, has produced great athletes in the country, and this is what the author of Iwoland: Bedrock of Sports Legends, Dauda Abimbola, is trying to show the world.

In fact, the 311-page book revealed that sports are an industry in Iwoland.

Since shortly after World War II (1939-1945) organized sport was introduced to Nigeria through the Empire Day Games, Iwoland flowed with that tide.

As highlighted in the book, the old Iwo Local Government, which is now divided into three Local Government Councils, namely Ayedire, Iwo and Ola Oluwa, is a major player in the development and promotion of sports.

Not only is Iwoland a major stakeholder in sports, the country has encouraged and supported the growth of men and women who ultimately showed the nation that there is a place in Nigeria called Iwoland.

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Local, national and international athletes have emerged from this large yet rural city over the years.

It has also introduced sports administrators who knew their onions as it has spawned, promoters of sports philanthropic enough to admit that the government alone cannot develop sports in this country.

This book, therefore, has opened the eyes of its readers to the simple yet highly pertinent fact that Iwoland in Osun state is a confluent sports country where Nigerians have gathered in the past to cultivate, develop and promote sports from smaller to greater heights.

The 11-chapter book opens with sports in pre- and post-colonial times, and the effect of the Empire Day Games on sports development in Iwoland.

Apart from the orthodox sports, the author also highlights traditional sports such as Ayo game as well as the rules just as he focuses on more popular games such as football and volleyball.

He also discusses sports referees, while highlighting the role of some philanthropists and administrators in the development of sports in the city.

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This book tells the reader the many great names that Iwo has produced and the general passion that the people of Iwoland have shown for the sports industry in general.

The book, published by MURLAB Search Wisdom Educational Services, is therefore recommended for all sports enthusiasts in the country.


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