The Action Democratic Party has insisted that there is no crisis in the Kano State chapter of the party.

The ADP made this known in a press statement signed by the National Organizing Secretary, Dr. Alex Maiyanga, and made available to The PUNCH on Wednesday.

dr. Maiyanga said the allegations of crisis in the party are nothing but the antics of opponents.

According to him, the cohesion, unity and cordiality among the members of the party in Kano State have not been disturbed, disturbed or even threatened.

He said: “The attention of the National Secretariat of our major party, the ADP, has been drawn to the views and statements of certain individuals who are spreading rumors and rumors that there is currently a crisis or friction in our party’s Kano State chapter. . .

“As far as the ADP leadership in Kano’s national and state secretariats is aware, the cohesion, unity and cordiality among the party members in Kano State has not been disrupted, disrupted or even threatened. If there is anything to be said about his fortune in the current circumstances, it is that the ADP in Kano has witnessed a phenomenal rise in its popularity and widespread acceptance among the electorate in every nook and cranny of the politically vibrant state.

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Understandably, at a time when all other political parties in the state are suffering the torments of some form of debilitating crisis, the rising profile of the ADP will inevitably attract the envy and malicious machinations of rival opposition camps.

“As is inevitable in any political party, a small, insignificant number of the party’s members, consciously or unconsciously, would have accepted the specter of the existence of friction within the party. There is also a very high probability that those who have allowed themselves to be used as internal agents and means of sabotage in the service of the opponents of the party.

“According to the rumor makers and, unfortunately, those who may have been misled or misinformed, the alleged crisis arose from alleged controversy over the conduct of the party’s gubernatorial elections and the rise of the ADP’s flag bearer in the 2023 gubernatorial elections. in the state. Nothing is less true.

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“As far as the leadership of the party is concerned, the said primaries and the entire processes that led to the rise of the ADP flag bearer in Kano State and elsewhere in the country have strictly and scrupulously complied with the relevant provisions of the electoral law of 2022, the INEC Rules and Regulations, as well as, within the framework of the Constitutions, Rules and Regulations of the Party. In line with the creed and philosophy of the party, all exercises were conducted transparently.”

He added that the ADP has not circumvented or violated any of its own rules and regulations or the provisions of the 2022 Election Act and the INEC.

“It therefore strikes the national leadership of the ADP as strange, inexplicable and downright unfounded that any resentment, complaints, agitation and conflict could result from the conduct of the party’s gubernatorial elections and the appearance of its flag. carrier in Kano State,”

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