More than 10 landlords on Akpan Eton Street, in the Uyo Local Government Area of ​​Akwa Ibom State, including tenants, have fled their homes following the threat of a deep trench penetrating their front doors.

It has been found that many houses have already collapsed due to the attack

Residents appealed to Governor Udom Emmanuel to extend his ongoing intervention gestures along Ikpa Road to the area.

Residents regretted that repeated requests for help from previous governments failed to deliver.

According to the letter signed by Mr. Titus Jerome Udoh and Hon Ekong Archibong Asuquo, people complained that while many buildings had already been engulfed by the trench, many others were about to collapse.

“We wish to use this medium to humbly call upon you to save our souls from a trench erosion that has eaten deep into our buildings, some of which had already collapsed”

“Excellent, some of us are retired civil servants with children and our only asset is our home, which now faces the threat of being washed away at any rainy moment. You can imagine what life has become for some of us.”

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“It can be quite disheartening to see many Akwa Ibom families losing their homes as we fear that the entire street will not survive this rainy season”

“In the meantime, some of us, who are under serious threat, have had to move our families to safe areas until the erosion and the rapidly encroaching gully are fixed.” The letter has been partially read

Mr Udoh, a retiree whose fence collapsed in the trench in 2021, said he decided to move temporarily to save his wife who had developed health problems as a result of the situation.

Another community member, Mr Kufre Daniel, explained that the area was excavated as a loan pit and later abandoned by a construction company that had been assigned the job several years ago.

Daniel regretted that the well that grew gradually, with heavy flooding pouring into it from Urua Ekpa, later expanded, became unattended and began to swallow up buildings some 15 years ago.

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He also talked about sad cases of people losing their lives in the area, including one of the residents who accidentally slipped into the trench while trying to flee from some wild dogs nearby.

However, while applauding the ongoing intervention work on Ikpa Road, he expressed concern that water flowing from the area still poses a threat to Ikpa’s main road as it would continue to flood the area if not properly channeled.

“The state government is sinking so much due to the ongoing intervention work on Ikpa Road, but we may still have to fight trenches if the amount of water coming in from Urua Ekpa through the trench at Akpan Eton, to Atiamkpat and drains into the ravine at Nabor Street is low. not channeled properly.

“This good canalization is very important because the entire right side of Ikpa Road of the University of Uyo is bordered by a ravine that is not allowed to cross to the other side of the road, so any problem with flooding, gullies, poorly finished gutters and the rest must be properly addressed to save both sides of the road from future collapse,” he said

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