The Military Pensions Council said it had begun paying the third installment of the 24-month minimum wage arrears to more than 90,000 retired military personnel.

The PUNCH had reported that the ex-servicemen protested at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Defense demanding payment of the minimum wages arrears.

The board paid 25 percent of the fees owed in February after the protest, while another 25 percent was paid in May.

However, in a statement from its chairman, Vice Admiral Saburi Lawal, the council said the payment of another 25 percent had begun on Thursday.

He added that all Survivors of deceased military retirees who were entitled to the backlog had been paid in full.

The statement read, in part, “We would like to inform our valued military retirees and the general public that the board began on Thursday to pay the third installment of 25 percent of the 24 months overdue national minimum wage increases on pensions to eligible military retirees.” August 4, 2022.

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“This third installment is paid to eligible military retirees active in the Board’s database and is consistent with the agreement reached between the Board and the Federal Department of Finance, Budget and National Planning for the quarterly release of the allocated amount this year.

It is also necessary to inform that all Survivors of deceased military retirees who are entitled to the same arrears have been paid in full. All concerned military retirees are therefore advised to contact their bank for their rights.”

He assured the board that the payment would be completed before the end of the year.

“The board would also like to thank our valued military retirees for their patience, understanding and continued support. The board pledges to ensure that the fourth and final installment of the 24 months of overdue pension increases due to the new National Minimum Wage is paid before the end of the year.”

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