Kwayi Tukura, brother of Big Brother Naija season 7 ex-roommate, Beauty, has commented that his sister will work on controlling her emotions.

Beauty was disqualified from the show on Sunday after being punched three times for a display of violence during the show.

Her brother had previously drummed up support for her after the disqualification, stating that she gave the best content and played the perfect script.

“You all need to calm down. @beautytukura gave the best content. It’s show business. Her script was perfect, even big brother will miss her. She may have pushed a bit on it, but again it was intended as adult content,” he captioned his viral video, which he later deleted from his Instagram page.

After backlash from the show’s fans, Kwayi made a U-turn on his statement, adding that the disqualified contestant would work on managing her emotions.

In a statement posted to his Instagram page on Monday, Kwayi said: “Actually, I appreciate the support given to her by people who don’t even know her. My point was that she is human, and of course she will work to express her emotions. better to control.

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“I certainly wouldn’t encourage her to express her emotions that way. The video was not an indication of supporting violence in the Big Brother house.

“I deeply regret if that message got across the wrong way. That video is also not @beautytukura’s stance on this, nor that of her management team.

“It was mine, and I hope anyone offended by it will realize what my true intention is in making it. It was just a brother trying to stand up for his little sister.”

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