The parents of a seven-year-old boy, Adam Afolabi, have panicked after he disappeared while running an errand in the Mushin area of ​​Lagos state.

PUNCH Metro learned that Adam and his siblings were at their parents’ house in Mushin when his sister, Zainab, told him to help her buy cookies from a store near where they live.

However, things took a different turn when the minor, who left his sister to buy the cookie, did not return home.

Hampered by development, Zainab tried to figure out why her younger brother had yet to return, followed him to the store and found he was nowhere to be found.

However, she raised the alarm about her missing brother and a search was launched to find out Adam’s whereabouts.

Zainab, who spoke to our correspondent on Sunday, said that shortly after her brother went missing, people nearby claimed to have seen him run to a destination, but never knew his whereabouts were unknown from then on.

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She said, “I was inside when I sent him to buy cookies and take his tutoring classes. Someone said that while he was on his way to buy cookies he went out on the street because a mallam down the street sells cookies but I don’t know if he went there.

“It’s only his class that’s on the property. People said they saw my brother on Tuesday night when we were looking for him, and he was just running. They didn’t know we were looking for him at the time.”

Adam’s father, Kazeem, complained about the incident but said he had not found his son’s whereabouts since he went missing on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Kazeem said: “I wasn’t there when it happened; I was at work and when I got back I was told he had been sent to buy cookies.

“I looked everywhere for him. I searched the place he usually goes for lessons and the store he was sent to buy the cookies, but we found he didn’t even come to the store.

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“We reported the matter to Alakare and Olosan Police Stations in Mushin. I was at one of the stations yesterday and was told they hadn’t seen anything.

“Even when I heard they saw some children, I rushed to the station, but the police said the children were girls and not a boy among them.

“They said they would call me if they see a boy; they have my phone number. I’m not okay. I’m still up and down because of the situation.”

The distraught mother, Kafayat, urged the Lagos State Police Command to help her locate her son’s whereabouts.

“I’m very sad. I don’t know how to explain myself, but I’m sad. I haven’t seen my son for five days. We’ve also warned neighbors and they’re helping us check on him,” she said.

The state police public relations officer SP Benjamin Hundeyin was contacted and said: “I have no information on that as the matter has yet to be brought to my attention.”

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PUNCH Metro had reported that six children were missing in 2021 in Idi Araba in the state’s Mushin Local Government Area.

The missing children were identified as Abdullahi Mohammed, Umairah Umar, Abubakar Sadiq, one Shittu, Abdullahi Olanrewaju and Abdulahad Ibrahim.

A similar situation had plunged the community into panic after four children went missing from the community about two years before the 2021 incident.

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