Officials from the Execution Unit of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja, in conjunction with officers from the Nigeria Police Force, seized vehicles belonging to Senator Andy Uba at his residence in Abuja on Tuesday, leaving N50 million in debt. of a loan he took from Oranto Petroleum Limited.

Uba, a one-time three-day governor of Anambra state and a candidate for governor of the All Progressive Congress in the recently concluded elections in Anambra, is the debtor in a case brought against him by Oranto Petroleum.

The seizure of Uba’s property followed the ruling of an Anambra State Supreme Court on March 6, 2017, in a case presided over by Judge Mbonu Nwenyi of the Aguata Judicial Division Ekwulobia.

Oranto Petroleum is a pan-African oil exploration and production company owned by Nigerian multimillionaire Arthur Eze.

The seized Jeep vehicles were seized at Uba’s residence at No. 49 TY Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja.

In its ruling, the judge ruled that Uba, as the defendant in the case, had not denied having received the amicable interest-free loan from the plaintiff.

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The court further ruled that, after having read through the defendant’s defence, the defendant had not put forward a proper defense against the lawsuit and that in those circumstances the plaintiff was entitled to the judgment.

Justice Mbonu stated: “The plaintiff has sufficiently demonstrated that she provided an interest-free, friendly loan to the defendant, which has not been refused and has not been repaid since.

“Under the circumstances, I am entering a judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of N50 million being repayment of the interest-free loan that the plaintiff provided to the defendant at the request of the defendant.”

Ms Ugochi Obajekwe on the orders of Chief Tugbe Ike appeared before the plaintiff while GN Onovo appeared before the defendant on the orders of Chima Oguejiofor.

The execution took place in Abuja as a result of an ex parte motion dated May 5, 2022, filed the same date to pray the court for a number of waivers and the subsequent order of the FCT High Court of June 30, 2022 as follows:

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“Leave is hereby granted to the claimant/creditor/applicant of the judgment to register the Certificate of Judgment of the Supreme Court of Anambra State in the Aguata Judicial Division in Ekwulobia and delivered by Hon. (Justice) CN Mbonu-Nwenyi on March 6, 2017 in Suit No. AG/94/2016: Oranto Petroleum Ltd vs. Senator Nnamdi Emmanuel Andy Uba as the ruling of this Court.

“An order of this Honorable Court in which the judgment of the Supreme Court of Anambra State in the Judicial Division is deemed to be held in Ekwulobia and pronounced by Hon. (Justice) CN Mbonu-Nwenyi on March 6, 2017 in Suit No. AG/94/2016: Oranto Petroleum Ltd USA Senator Nnamdi Emmanuel Andy Uba, as the judgment of this Court is hereby granted.

“Order of the Honorable Court is hereby granted to recover the costs of registration and enforcement of the judgment from the defendant/defendant/defendant in an amount to be determined by the court in the circumstances of this case.

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“The order was issued in Abuja on June 30, 2022, under the seal of the court and the hand of the presiding judge.”

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