The chairman of the Ila-Orangun Community Development Council in Osun State, an umbrella body for all the city’s natives, Chief Oye Oke, said Friday it would be difficult to fill the vacuum following the death of the former inspector general of the police, Mr Tafa. Balogun has created in the community.

Balogun died on Thursday at the age of 74 in Lagos.

Chief Oke, speaking to The PUNCH, said the late Balogun not only brought Police Training College to the city, but also gave several natives of Ila the opportunity to join the police force.

Okay, also the Saloro of Ila, described the ex-IGP as a humble person who treated all religions in the city equally.

He said: “It is very painful. We are all sad, all Ila natives, both at home and in the diaspora. It is a great loss for this community. Not just for individuals, but for the whole community because he is a prominent native He did a good job for us in this city Most of those he brought to the police are in good offices these days.

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“Up until his death, he helped our young people to get jobs, especially in the context of the police. He was a very humble person. You hardly notice it when he comes to town. Some people of his caliber should know when they arrive in town. But Tafa was never like that.

“He took care of all the religions in the city. He was a very humble person. He did a good job for us in Ila-Orangun. To have another man who will reach that stage and be useful to the community, only God knows when that opportunity will come again.”

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