Sheggz, a roommate of Big Brother Naija, lost his cool when he was told to dress in feminine clothes because he was the last one out.

In the game Head of House, the tail of the house has the fewest points. Biggie then also punishes the person for their ridiculous mistake.

Sheggz 2
Despite the fact that the organizers of bbnaija know me, I don’t understand why I will be asked to wear feminine clothes – sheggz (video) 1

Sheggz, who eventually became the weak link in the family, was forced to put on women’s clothes as punishment, and he made some hurtful statements out of frustration.

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Sheggz expressed his dismay at the punishment for his love interest, Bella, and said he couldn’t understand why he was still getting it after being known to the organizers.

Bella quickly urged Sheggz to stop talking, but he kept making the same point.

Watch the video here:

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