In recent times, many Nigerians have emigrated from the country, with many more plans to ‘japa’. Apparently entertainers are not exempt from this. Saturday Beats looks at entertainers who still live and work in Nigeria but whose family is abroad


Mainly because of the comedic roles he plays in movies, many people don’t seem to take actor, Olaniyi Afonja, aka Sanyeri, seriously. However, despite his on-screen antics, Sanyeri is a man who purposely raised his family and exposes them to opportunity.

His beautiful wife, Omolara, and their two sons, Boluwatife and Olasunkanmi, live in Canada.

In a video that appeared on the internet several months ago, many Nigerians were enthusiastic about the foreign accent of the children. That was especially so because their father mainly speaks in Yoruba and crops the photo of someone who has never traveled outside the country. In the video, the kids urged fans to subscribe to their father’s YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

Sanyeri explained what fatherhood means to him, Sanyeri said in an earlier interview: “Fatherhood means being the head of the family, a husband to a woman, a father to children and fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities expected of a man. to his wife and children.”

Speaking about how he felt when he welcomed his first child, the actor said: “There is nothing so special about having a first child. For someone who needs a child and has a wife, when God gives them the gift of first child they will be happy and full of joy Children are gifts and those who receive them should be thankful.

“I believe the best investment I can make in life is for my children to be successful. I can’t risk their future for anything. Whether I have a lot or not, I will do everything I can to make sure that in the future my children have no reason to abuse me or describe me as an irresponsible father.”

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In an earlier interview with Sunday PUNCH, the actor had stated that he was so poor when he married his wife that all he had to his name were his tribal characteristics. However, it stayed with him and over the years he has grown into a prominent actor and filmmaker.

mister latin

Actor, Bolaji Amusan aka Mr Latin is another comedic actor that many love. Although based in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Mr. Latin’s wife, Ronke, and children (a son and daughter) reside in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr Latin married Ronke in 1999 and their relationship has continued to blossom over the years.

The actor, who is the current president of the Theater Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, is especially fond of his wife and he makes no secret of it.

About why he decided that his family would stay abroad, he said in an interview several years ago: “It was the idea of ​​the two of us. There was a long strike of teachers at the same time and we thought that it would not give our children what we really wanted for them. We decided to move, but due to the nature of my job I can’t stay there with them.”

About how they handle a long-distance relationship, Latin said: “We speak almost 10 times a day. I wake them up in the morning with phone calls to talk to my wife and children until they go to school. We also chat on WhatsApp and have video calls almost every day. I visit them too, and they come to Nigeria too.”

The actor also stated that he was never tempted to marry another woman, despite his wife not being in the country with him. He said, “I can never marry another woman. My wife is my mother, sister, friend and confidante. She is a very loyal and reliable person. I have no reason to marry any other woman.”

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Even without speaking, actor Wale Akorede, aka Okunnu, makes his fans laugh at his funny mannerisms. Although he started his acting career in 1984, it wasn’t until a few years later that he gained much-needed recognition in the industry.

Despite the carefree nature he usually portrays in movies, Okunnu doesn’t joke with his family’s well-being.

His wife, Wumi, and three children – Jumoke, Hassan and Modupe – live in Canada. The actor also once lived in Saudi Arabia, but returned to Nigeria after a while.

Speaking about why he left Saudi Arabia, he had said: “Yes, there was a point in my life when I moved to Saudi Arabia, but after thinking about it again, I realized there is no place like home. Nigeria is my country and no matter the challenges (here), we just have to make it work. I don’t regret coming back to my country.”

In an earlier interview with Sunday PUNCH, the actor stated that he was drawn to her beauty and the fact that she was hard to get hold of. He had said, “It was her beauty and the fact that she was hard to get (that attracted me). I don’t like cheap ladies. Her tough attitude kept me ‘burdening’ her. I prayed too and everything what I saw in my dream was what she also saw, I was surprised and that also drove me to continue.”

Although his family lives outside the country, Okunnu is not immune to the hardships in Nigeria. In a rant on social media a few months ago, the actor complained about the dire state of the country. In Yoruba he said: ‘If we keep looking and don’t say anything, it’s because we don’t want things to spoil. Nigeria is bad. Be it men, women, children or the elderly; all those who have had a hand in making the nation what it is today, their lives will also be bad from generation to generation.

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“The country is really in a bad state. I cannot say that there is a particular sector that functions optimally. If we cannot enjoy our country as citizens, then we are as foreigners.”

Sharing his thoughts on why many celebrity weddings fail to stand the test of time, he said in the same interview: “Marriage is not something you jump into. One has to pray well and be sure because it is for life. marriage can collapse and it’s not just celebrity weddings that don’t last, people talk about celebrity weddings because they’re famous people.”

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo’s voice is one that has melted the hearts of many over the years. married to a photographer, Busola, and blessed with three children – Alexander, Zoe and Hallel – their marriage has been through quite a few trials. Recall that in 2019 Busola accused a popular pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, of raping her in Kwara state many years ago. Although Fatoyinbo was eventually acquitted by the courts, Busola and Timi claim that the act actually took place.

Although they appear to have moved from that episode, several feelers suggest that Busola and the kids have moved to the UK. Busola would go to a university in the UK to continue her education. The children also went to school there.

Earlier this year, Timi had joked that Halled had developed an accent just two weeks after returning to school in her new country.

Recall that a while ago Timi paid them a surprise visit. A video on social media showed how excited his family was to see him without notice.

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