Toke Makinwa is a celebrated fashion icon, TV personality and the host of the much-watched BBNaija review show on Showmax, ‘The Buzz’. In a recent interview, she told ROTIMI IGE about what makes her show tick and what to expect in the new season. fragments:

You return for the second season, what should fans of the show expect from you?

Yes, I’m back and the show is usually very interesting as we always have interactive guests who would come over and are also fans of the BBNaija franchise. They would comment on various events in the show as you know it; the buzz is usually clips that have not yet been seen or events that the producers do not show to the public. We talk about it and you never know what to expect because every week is different. The housemates always give us problems to discuss, leaving us no choice but to delve into everything; from the ships to the crazy moments and the intrigue.

Tell us about the different segments of the show this year.

The Buzz for this season has several segments. It’s different from last season, so we can let our guests know what they think of this year’s selections. So you will find that this season will probably be different from what you know from the previous seasons.

This season will be exceptional for sure as the first season we were new and tried to test the waters but now we are fully into it so it will be an interactive season for sure. This is a show where everything is said and discussed and we don’t miss a thing.

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What were your takeaways from season one?

The first season was very exciting. I loved that every time we resumed the show, the housemates gave a lot of circumstances, problems, topics. We just didn’t know what we were going to get, whether it was what Whitemoney was doing or someone else. There was always something to talk about and it was very engaging. So my takeaway was definitely the engagement, lots of conversations, even on Twitter because it was a new show. The fan base is always like one thing you know… When you say something about their favorite and it’s not exactly what they want to hear, they talk.

I realized from last season that often when you have guests they tend to lean towards a particular housemate and fans sometimes think that such a housemate is preferable to win. How are you going to make sure your guests don’t do that this season?

I feel like there’s not much we can do about that because again, we’re inviting people who are fans of the show and before they get here they already have their favorite people and even those who tweet too already have their favorites.

I welcome any opinion and we try to balance it. I don’t let people sit and bash on a particular roommate. You know, I’ve always told people last year that the fact that we’re talking about your favorites on the show means they’re doing something right. they could easily be in that house and the buzz isn’t talking about them so people should be less personal and enjoy the show.

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Talking about this person this week doesn’t mean we don’t like him. It just means they gave us something to talk about.

What do you see coming next season?

I feel like this is a season where we already have a lot of drama from the first episode. I feel like in the roster this year, Big Brother didn’t hold everyone back on the show. No one is the underdog, everyone is literally in your face expressive and with that you always have things to talk about. So we’ve already seen some heated moments and I mean, for the first time, we’re opening a show where a roommate got a strike in the first week. It’s definitely going to be interesting this season.

What about the fake roommates…

It’s always very interesting because of the whole tension. If the housemates are smart enough, they’d know that Biggie is used to adding surprises as the show goes on, so we never know what we’re going to hear next. You know, we might meet another new roommate who comes in, but I like that when Deji came in, he scattered everything we thought was already safe and that’s how relationships reset. That’s what the show is about. You just never know what’s coming.

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What parts of The Buzz should fans pay attention to?

I think they should pay attention to the crazy moments and we introduce a final word segment where we share a shocking or unbelievable wow moment from our roommates and leave it open for the viewers at home to decide.

Personally, which of the housemates do you think will create the most buzz on the show this year?

I think it’s too early to decide because one minute you might be thinking about this person and the next it’s like everyone was ready to show and wanted their camera time on their moment.

I think it’s too early to say who because sometimes you can predict these things and in the end the person you’re so sure about doesn’t turn out as much as you think. So I’m leaving that open so we’re all shocked at the end of the season.

Showmax has expanded to different countries with different expectations from the fans of BBNaija. How do you want to balance all that?

Big Brother is Big Brother and apart from that I am delighted that Showmax is constantly growing. I hope we get more subscribers to the buzz this season.

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