Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, a former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governor candidate in Anambra’s 2021 gubernatorial election, has previously crossed the carpet to the Labor party ahead of the 2023 general election.

The defection was made official on Tuesday at a press conference attended by the party’s presidential candidates, Mr Peter Obi.

While he took to the popular social media platform Facebook to share the development with his supporters, Mr Ozigbo said in a statement on his page that joining the Labor Party was an easy decision for him as he brought peace and love to the party. found.

He also described Peter Obi as his brother, friend, boss and leader. According to him, there is no way he can be in any other party while Peter Obi becomes president under the Labor party.

The statement read in full:

“Today I was formally received into the Labor Party by our presidential candidate, His Excellency, Peter Obi, and the national leadership of the fastest growing party in Africa led by Dr. Julius Abure, our national chairman.”

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“Joining the Labor Party was the easiest decision because in @NGLabour I have found peace and love. I am grateful for the warm embrace for me and my political movement led by Chief Tony Offiah.”

“With my relationship with HE Peter Obi as my older brother, my boss, my friend and my leader, there is no way he could become president, and I would be somewhere else. This is where I belong and I repeat that I am 100% obedient and #obedient to the core.”

“Our mission to take back Nigeria is well underway and Peter Obi is fully committed to doing whatever it takes to save the plight of Nigeria’s youth from the shackles of visionless, incompetent and selfish leadership. Nigerians are blessed to witness the aura of a generational leader who takes on the task with the kind of sincerity and compassion I see in Peter Obi. Together we will take Nigeria back.”

“Thanks to Sir Izu Oraelosi, @VCOFoundation’s General Manager, Chris Okpala and team, for their presence and continued support.” He posted.

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In his response, the Labor Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, Mr Peter Obi, described Mr Ozigbo’s defection to the Labor Party as a welcome development. According to him, the wealth of experience of the former governor candidate of Anambra state will be a huge addition to the party.

Peter Obi took to Facebook to post some photos taken with Mr Ozigbo during the press conference where he made the announcement, saying: “Today the Labor Party leadership officially welcomed Chief Valentine Ozigbo to the ranks of the LP. Valentine C Ozigbo joining the LP adds tremendous value and was delighted to attend the press conference announcing that he was joining the LP #OBIDient Family.”

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