Most young workers have a lot of respect for their bosses in the workplace. However, some companies are making an effort to cultivate closer relationships between bosses and young workers. This helps employees mingle with top staff on a more intimate level.

In the office, however, people can butcher each other in the wrong way or come under extreme pressure in the office. In such situations, an employee can become overly emotional, causing the employee to lose control and say things that could cost her her career.

Whether you’re angry, drunk, overexcited, or frustrated, there are things you should never say to your boss. Here are some.

1. Verbal Threats

When you’re angry, find a way to stay calm. If you find it hard to keep calm, read this:

Do not speak when you are angry, as you will likely make verbal threats.

No matter how much experience you have or your level of expertise, make sure to remain calm at all times because your relationship with your boss is professional. Unnecessary and careless threats or statements can cost you your image and reputation and jeopardize your career.

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2. Long Term Career Plans

Another thing you should never tell your boss is your long-term plans that don’t involve the company. Most companies don’t expect all their employees to stay with them for years. Most bosses are aware that almost every individual in their organization has plans or dreams that don’t fit the vision of the company. Saying you’re not going in the same direction as the company might not go down well with your boss. Details such as whether you will be moving in a few years for certain specific reasons are not necessary unless you give notice. Sometimes you may disqualify yourself from promotion by speaking too early.

Always work on an exit plan that will guide you when that moment comes.

3. Gossip about your colleagues

One of the virtues employers look for is honesty. Gossiping about your colleagues puts you in a bad light as someone who can never be trusted. Keep gossiping to yourself about your colleagues. You don’t have to tell your boss about it. The story may be juicy, but you lose your boss’s trust in you because he or she doesn’t trust you with information. Always keep your colleagues’ private information to yourself.

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4. Job Search

No matter how dissatisfied you are with your current job, never disclose your intentions to leave unless you give notice. Never talk to your boss about your plans to leave the company unless the company closes soon and you have management’s blessing to be wary. Every boss finds it difficult to work with someone who is restless. Keeping your intentions to leave the business to yourself will do more good.


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