Grant Competition for Environmental Justice and Women’s Rights in Georgia

Grant Competition for Environmental Justice and Women’s Rights in Georgia

Until: 27 January 23

The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action is providing financial assistance for the grant competition “Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice,” which is being announced by the Women’s Fund in Georgia (GAGGA).

In order to address social and environmental challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental pollution, chemical safety, waste management, and women’s rights to a safe, clean, and healthy environment, among others, the grant competition aims to encourage women’s non-governmental organizations and informal women’s groups working on social and environmental justice to focus their efforts on the management of natural resources by women.

Possible project themes include:

  • Development/lobbying of legislative initiatives on the mentioned issues
  • Advocacy, planning and organizing strategic campaigns
  • Introducing gender-sensitive approaches to green issues in groups
  • A study of green issues in relation to women
  • Capacity building of women’s organizations and groups working in the field of environmental justice
  • Organizing joint campaigns of women’s groups and organizations on green issues.
Funding Information
  • The grant amount is defined as the equivalent of 5,000 euros in GEL.
  • Duration of projects is 8 to 10 months.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Within the framework of the competition, the Women’s Fund will support the following projects:
    • Which are implemented by women
    • Whose direct and ultimate beneficiaries are women
    • The Women’s Fund will give priority to initiatives of organizations operating in the regions of Georgia, as well as coalition projects of environmental and women’s organizations.

For more information, visit GAGGA.

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