As a business owner, you always need a courier to deliver your goods and services.

There has been a serious struggle between business owners and freight forwarders over time.

Some deal with issues such as the rider running off with the goods or delivering the orders very late and so on.

It is unavoidable not to use a shipper, as self-delivery orders can be slow, especially if you have a lot of orders from different people in different locations.

Every business thrives on customer satisfaction. There is no business without a customer. Therefore, you need to satisfy your customers, especially by delivering their products on time to meet their needs.

Freight forwarders can form an obstacle to this due to certain factors.

However, if you’re tired of the disappointment you encounter with riders, you may want to try the following measures to avoid breakups with your riders.

1. Use registered logistics companies

The safest way to avoid disputes with a freight forwarder is to make sure they are properly registered. It is dangerous to use arbitrary dispatchers that have no source or legal status. Random delivery drivers tend to run away with your goods.

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2. Request the expedition rider’s details.

Even after making sure that the logistics driver is legally registered, you should request the driver’s details. This is to make sure he isn’t a runaway rider.

3. Follow the sender

Logistics apps like Safeboda help you track the freight forwarder’s movement on its way to deliver goods as assigned.

This may not be the case for other logistics companies, but seek every means to ensure that you are aware of the rider’s movements to avoid “heart-touching stories” related to your package.

4. View customer reviews and feedback

For late deliveries, choose reliable logistics companies. You can know this by looking at their reviews and feedback from their previous customers. Ask around regarding the company and even their riders.

5. Don’t use logistics companies with busy orders!

Logistics companies that receive huge orders on a daily basis may not be the best option for you. This is because arranging the deliveries of other people’s goods can hinder your customers from getting their goods on time.

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To avoid this struggle, use companies with more drivers to arrange the delivery of your goods early enough to meet your customer’s needs.


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