Everyone has a neighbor, unless you live on an island surrounded by water or in a desert. Even then, you may still have a neighbor in such parts of the world.

To have a great and pleasant living situation, you need to have a peaceful relationship with your neighbor. It may not be cordial as some neighbors may be a little nosy, especially if you get too close to them and then create a distance after that can be so difficult.

Also, having a friendly relationship with your neighbor can be helpful in times of need. No one prays for bad events or situations, but there are stories of people who would have died if there were no neighbor to help them.

Your neighbor can be someone who comes to you in case of an emergency, but it depends on the type of relationship you have with him or her.

So try the following tips to build and maintain a better relationship with your neighbor.

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1. Be respectful

Having respect for your neighbors also earns you respect. Adhering to the boundaries created by your neighbors shows that you respect them, and this helps to maintain a good relationship with them.

No one likes a nosy neighbor who meddles in people’s problems without being called to meddle.

Staying away from things that don’t concern you in the community shows your respect for your neighbors and even the community at large.

Respect their space and privacy, especially if that’s what your neighbors cherish so much.

2. Be approachable

Looking like someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed every day makes you unapproachable. Nobody wants to hang out with ordinary sadists.

Try to smile every now and then as you walk or even walk around your property. Smile at your neighbor’s kids, play with them for a few minutes, compliment your neighbor’s outfit in moderation. This makes you approachable. Only this will allow them to walk up to you to have a few conversations with you.

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3. Communicate with them occasionally

Communication builds friendship. It is the foundation of any relationship, intimate or not. If you live with a lot of people in a compound, of course you can’t be friends with all of them, but once in a while ‘good morning’, ‘hello’ or ‘good afternoon’ will suffice.

Sociability can be a way to build and maintain a good relationship with your neighbors.

4. Learn to apologize when you’re wrong

If you find that you have directly or indirectly wronged your neighbors, try to apologize as much as possible. This should be a sincere and sincere apology, with no preconditions. Apologize for what you did, even if they played a part in the misbehavior. This helps you live in harmony and build a strong relationship.

5. Be attentive

Most neighbors are usually too sensitive to certain things, especially pets. Some don’t like noise, especially when they’re breastfeeding. There are many things to consider before doing anything or performing certain actions. Keep the decorum and avoid playing loud music.

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6. Follow the rules and regulations of the community

This has to do with adhering to the rules that apply to that community. Keeping your surroundings tidy, following the parking rules on your property, being reasonable with your pets will help your neighbor live a comfortable life. Only because of this you can have a friendly relationship with them. Doing otherwise will mess with their comfort.


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