The Accord Party candidate in the Ogbomoso North, South and Oriire federal constituency in the 2023 general election, Mr Shittu Abdufatah, said on Sunday that the critical needs of his people and tackling growing poverty will be explored as viable tools to tell the story of the constituency.

He said his representation, if elected, would go beyond empowering his voters and providing basic services and relevant interventions to alleviate the agony of poverty plaguing the people under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). soften.

In a statement forwarded to the Nigerian Tribune by his media agency, Shittu, who is a journalist, assured that he would use his experience to effectively ensure quality representation and bridge the existing gap between his people and visible socio-economic developments.

The statement read: “First, I am a youngster in my early thirties. Speaking of the agenda for my people in my constituency, coupled with the opportunities I’ve been given through my profession as a journalist over more than a decade, my constituency would see a huge turnaround.

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“Although my agenda will come from my people because they send me to represent them and not myself. In my constituency I have young people of my age group, female, male and older citizens and their demands will certainly differ.”

While promising to consult widely to determine specific needs regarding categories of people, using skills, occupations, locations and interests as benchmarks, the Accord Party candidate for the House of Representatives clarified that critical empowerment programs are also being implemented. if he wins the election.

“By God’s grace I will bring new ideas on board and also reshape some of the old ones on the ground. Remember I said I’m a journalist, who has practiced from the north of this country to here in the southwest, I’ve had a lot of experience in my work realizing that a journalist is an intermediary between the government and its people.

“But all power belongs to Almighty God. I will not shy away from the fact that this contest in my constituency is a war. It will not be fought with guns or any other weapon, but it will be fought with intellectual capacity and performance,” Shittu added.

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