Stinky feet, also known as ‘bromodose’, is a medical challenge for many people. Most people believe that smelly feet are only associated with men, but the truth is that women have smelly feet too. This can be so embarrassing, especially if you have to take your shoes off in public.

Stinky feet are caused by sweat. This sweat is released to keep your body cool and moist all day long. The buildup of sweat produces bacteria that cause you to give off a foul odor.

Do you have smelly feet or do you know someone who has smelly feet? You don’t have to worry anymore. Stinky feet can be removed, so there is no need to panic or be anxious. There are several ways to get rid of this smell, even in the comfort of your home.

This article explains how to get rid of smelly feet by listing possible solutions.

1. Always take the time to wash your feet at least twice a day

Use a fine, mild soap to wash your feet while bathing and during your evening shower. While bathing, pay attention to your feet and make sure you dry your feet well. As you dry your feet, paying attention to your toes ensures that your toes dry in between. Wetness causes bacterial growth, which is the main reason behind the foul odor. That’s why you need to dry your feet.

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2. Do not wear wet shoes or socks

Wearing wet shoes or socks is very harmful to your feet. Aside from the fact that wet shoes or socks can produce a foul odor from lack of sun exposure or good air, it also contributes to your smelly feet.

3. Wear breathable shoes and socks

Cotton socks or socks made of wool are recommended to wear. This is because they can absorb sweat and stay moist. It allows your feet to breathe, even in the shoe.

Also avoid wearing tight shoes. Wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe air. Wearing tight shoes causes your feet to produce more sweat than normal. The sweat produced allows bacteria into your feet, which causes smelly feet.

4. Don’t walk barefoot

Walking without shoes invites bacteria to live on your feet. You may occasionally expose your feet to the air, especially at night. But be careful not to expose your feet for too long.

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5. Wash your shoes and insoles regularly

Some shoes naturally smell after being worn. Sneakers and slip-ons tend to get smelly over time. Some are usually washable. Make sure you wash them with nice smelling detergents and let them dry well in the sun to remove the odor.

6. Use antibacterial soap, powder and cream

Buy antibacterial soap, powder, and cream from stores and apply them to your feet, shoes, and socks if possible. Antibacterial soap washes away the bacteria between your toes and the powder keeps your feet dry, preventing a foul odor.

If you have tried all these things and are still bothered by the smell, it is advisable to see a doctor.


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