Proten International, a leading human resources company, has launched 360 Verify, a background check room subsidiary.

A statement said the brand launch was held in Lagos in the presence of company employees and other invited guests.

According to the statement, the new service brand offers organizations, employers, recruiters and individuals background checking services such as KYC (Know Your Customer), address check, identity check, due diligence check, education check, criminal check, credit check, rent check, and several others.

“These controls are aimed at helping individuals or companies make better and safer decisions about recruiting, selection, user onboarding and closing deals,” it added.

The statement said that using technology and digitization, operations around recruiting, human resources management, KYC and most importantly, background checks and screening have seen massive improvements in speed, information access and feedback loops.

A statement from the company said it aims to be at the forefront of this evolution, with services and solutions tailored to growing background screening needs and a mission to build trust between businesses and individuals through rapid , credible and innovative background checks.

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