The governor of the state of Abia, Okezie Ikpeazu, has said that the peace and harmony of the state is of the utmost importance to him and that he will ensure its preservation.

Ikpeazu announced this on Saturday morning on the occasion of the state’s 31th anniversary.

During the anniversary broadcast, Ikpeazu warned: “Any attempt to test the will of this government and disrupt the peace in this state will be met with decisive force”.

Ikpeazu, who said his government “has weathered storms and triumphed,” said his administration has taken Abia State further than they met seven years ago.

He added: “Our works speak for us. We have delivered many groundbreaking and indelible historical infrastructure projects in various sectors of Abia state.

“Our administration has ensured that, even in the face of great provocation and unwarranted prodding, we have remained calm and promoted peace and mutual coexistence between socio-political tendencies within the state. No meaningful development can ever take place in an atmosphere of resentment and struggle. I have managed to keep peace with all layers of tendencies in the state. We are not arguing with pastors in the state of Abia.

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“We have no executive-legislative cold war or rancor over government weapons or over political divides. We have no Abuja factions sabotaging government efforts and internal party divisions. We even work harmoniously with Abians who have federal appointments, despite being members of different political parties.”

Ikpeazu also highlighted his achievements in road construction, Osisioma viaduct, health sector, development of shoe and clothing factories, education, infrastructure sector, promotion of locally made products and many other interventions.

He noted: “Even in the midst of the succession elections we have now, we have managed to maintain peace and harmony in the state of Abia. Not for lack of provocation, but because we understand that the value of peace cannot be quantified. We will continue to work to maintain peace in our state until the end of our tenure.”

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