The Accord Party presidential candidate, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, has reiterated his commitment to theme-based campaigning ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

He said his presidential campaign would be solution-oriented to systematically inform Nigerians about his plans to bring about collective prosperity when he is elected in 2023.

In a statement on Wednesday from his campaign organization, the Accord party presidential candidate insisted he would speak on issues affecting Nigerians regardless of political, cultural or religious affiliations.

This is as he also called on Nigerians to support him in the struggle to bring Nigeria back from the stranglehold of poverty, pain, insecurity and decline.

“Our mission will focus on thorough and patriotic-based national integration and economic rejuvenation, indicating that Nigeria needs to thrive again,” said the 38-year-old presidential candidate.

Imumolen also announced the launch of an economic system, which he called ‘I Will Prosper’. He said the scheme was intended to provide Nigerians with economic respite to improve their living conditions and catalyze prosperity for all.

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The statement read: “I Will Prosper Group or network aims to create collective prosperity to eradicate the rising socioeconomic despair and frustration, the linchpin on which crime and unpatriotic manners revolve.

“This system will provide the foundation for business, financial, empowerment, education, healthcare and agricultural support for everyone in different dimensions.

“The I Will Prosper configuration takes into account the disadvantaged, the elderly and various socially handicapped people.

“It speaks volumes about our ‘All for All’ political mantra and our pledged determination to champion solution-based election campaigns for our leadership emergence in 2023,” Imumolen quoted the statement as saying.

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