An international non-governmental organization, the New Approach to Rural Program on Skill Development, has
criticized the state of housing for the internally displaced persons in the country.

The group stated that the government should make sure that they make better tents for them to avoid health-related problems.

NARPOSD’s chief of operations and financial advisor, Dr. Lilian Omekara, made the call on Wednesday in Abuja at the unveiling of a project “Rescue Village Expo: Shelter and succor for all – considering and supporting children and adults in internal displacement.”

She then urged the federal and state governments to seek a partnership to provide more assistance to the internally displaced people across Nigeria.

She said: “Africa is currently home to one of the world’s most complex displacement crises, which has significantly impacted the lives of both internally displaced persons and displaced communities.

“Nigeria, in particular, is currently experiencing severe insecurity, which is beginning to show many ill effects, such as the socio-economic collapse of structures, loss of life and property and displacement of people from their comfortable places.

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“The way the displaced people live their lives is somewhat worrying. Yet society does not recognize that the displaced once had a dream.

“That is why we call for concerted efforts by governments, NGOs and communities to care for the displaced.

“As an NGO, we are willing and willing to work with states, communities and organizations that are willing and willing to work with us and make sure people don’t grit their teeth for long over problems that can get solutions.
They need better tents to avoid health problems.

“It takes no more than three hours to set up twenty tents. It can be done,” she says.

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