African parliamentarians are tasked with coming up with relevant laws that will contain the threat of insecurity across the continent.

Former Minister of National Planning and current Director General of the National Institute of Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), Prof. Abubakar Sulaiman, made the appeal on Tuesday while hosting a delegation from the Ethiopian Oromia Regional Parliament led by the chairman, Seada Abdulrahman.

Prof Suleiman noted that there is no country in Africa that does not experience insecurity in one form or another.

“We face many terrorism challenges; issues of economic growth and development; many people are unemployed and problems of unemployed young people, children out of school and hunger.

“In the context of Afrocentric policies, the era of looking at our colonial powers is over.

“We need to find an African solution to African problems,” Sulaiman said.

He said that as lawmakers are closer to the grassroots, it behooves them to identify the root of insecurity and take responsibility by enacting laws to address the threat.

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“Issues of insecurity can be looked at from different perspectives, it has civilian and military components. The civilian component was the type experienced during the Covid pandemic that claimed several lives, while the military component is the type that is causing an increase in banditry, terrorism and kidnapping, among others.”

Prof. dr. Suleiman said the National Assembly of Nigeria, with technical assistance from NILDS, has come up with nine bills to address the ongoing insecurity in the country.

According to him, the bills include the Armed Forces Harmonization Bill, which seeks to create synergy between security officers through information-sharing to effectively tackle insecurity.

Other insecurity bills currently pending before the National Assembly for approval include Small Arms Proliferation; National Security Act and Civil Protection Act; National Security and Intelligent Bill; Police Reform Act among others.

The director general of NILDS also took the time to inform visiting Ethiopian parliamentarians about the role of his institution for the legislature not only in the National Assembly, but also in the Assembly of States and in some African countries.

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He therefore urged African parliaments to create an institution like NILDS to provide technical support to their legislature in drafting bills and motions and oversight functions.


In her remarks, Ethiopian Oromia Regional Parliament Speaker Abdurahma praised NILDS for its administrative support to parliamentarians and the House standing committees.

Abdurahman, speaking through an interpreter, said: “The Ethiopian Regional Council is very grateful to the institute. We will work closely with NILDs and we will take the lesson learned to our country.”

She assured of strengthening the bilateral relationship between Ethiopia and Nigeria.

For his part, Mr Mamush Lellisa, Director of Capacity Building of the Ethiopian Regional Parliament, said they were in Nigeria to gain experience at the legislative institution.

“We will use the experience gained to improve our democratic practices,” he said.

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