Former Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, on Tuesday called on Deeper Christian Life Ministry Superintendent Pastor Williams Kumuyi to pray for Nigeria’s improved security and successful transition in 2023.

Mimiko, who made this call during the ongoing Triumphant Power-themed Global Crusade in the city of Ondo, specifically called on Kumuyi and other men of God to help pray for the nation for the rise of a righteous leader in 2023.

The former governor said Nigeria as a nation needs prayers to God to turn things around positively for the general well-being and development of the country, noting that the myriad problems facing the nation require prayers to be overcome.

Mimiko said the nation is deeply engrossed in iniquity and would have died out without the prayers of true men of God like Pastor Kumuyi.

He expressed his optimism and hope that God, through the intercession of religious leaders, will grant the nation much-needed peace and unity, and urges clergy not to slack in praying for the success of next year’s elections.

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“Nigeria had come to the brink of collapse on several occasions, but was always delivered to that brink, which is of course a function of your prayers and real men of God like you,” Mimiko said.

He compared Nigeria’s situation to Sodom and Gomorrah, where sin and crime overpowered the nation.

Nigeria is once again at the crossroads with the 2023 elections, he said, advocating earnest pleas from the man of God for Nigeria to move forward.

He called on other religious leaders in various denominations in the country to also organize special prayer sessions for God to intervene in the affairs of the nation.

Describing Pastor Kumuyi as God’s General of Generals and a great blessing to this generation and humanity, Mimiko urged him not to relent in praying for Nigeria, saying that the prayers have done a great deal to bring the country together to keep.

He praised Kumuyi for his selflessness and sacrifice for the Nigerian nation, especially for the global crusade brought to the state of Ondo.

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