Senator representing Taraba South and All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in the state, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, explained on Tuesday that his car gift to Taraba’s first civilian governor, Rev. Jolly Nyame, after his presidential pardon and release the state. The Kuje prison was not politically motivated.

Nigerian Tribune reports that Senator Bwacha welcomed the former governor with a white Mercedes Benz jeep on August 8, 2022, right after his release from Kuje prison in Abuja.

But the APC Guber candidate responded in Jalingo to the insinuation that his gesture was to court the former governor to support him for his governorship, explaining that Nyame was a father to all Tarabanen and needed such a welcome without thinking politically.

The former Senate minority minority leader also revealed that his ambition to become governor of Taraba was to restore the state’s lost glory.

“I want to correct the impression that my car gesture to former governor Nyame after his release from Kuje prison is to persuade him to support me to become governor of Taraba.

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“My action and continued loyalty to Nyame is not politically associated. He is my father, he is a father to all Tarabanen and I believe he needed such a welcome without any political thought.

“My wish to become governor of Taraba is to restore the lost glory of the state. The state is on a precipice, this is not the Taraba we know, we didn’t start that way and we can’t go on like this.


“Imagine being in a Keke NAPEP, only to discover that the rider is a special advisor to the governor of Taraba state. That is to define how poverty has overwhelmed the state and its citizens.

“We didn’t start that way, I was also a player when the first civilian government in Taraba came on board in 1992. We want to bring governance to the desired state, bring it to the people and destroy the rumor industries promoted to statesmanship.

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“From the position of authority I have been told that even the little developed infrastructure is about to be sold and the money is taken by an individual because of his share of greed for primitive accumulation and we will do everything possible to build trust in the people to recover and build a better Taraba.

“I am able to reconcile with all the disadvantaged members of our party to enable us to succeed in the 2023 elections,” Bwacha said.

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