The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has come out to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Alkali Baba Usman on ongoing reforms in the Nigerian police force, especially the recent crackdown on errant officers.

NANS president, Comrade Sunday Asefon, said in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday that the student body was particularly enthusiastic about the IGP’s efforts to decontaminate Nigerian police, as students across the country are the biggest victims of the bad eggs within the country. force.

He lamented the police brutality, claiming that “they harass, intimidate and extort students at gunpoint under the guise of checking their phones”.

Asefon said: “The recent crackdown on rogue officers within the Nigerian police force has drawn our attention to the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

“We have seen the various disciplinary measures that have been handed out to errant police officers in recent months. This is undoubtedly the most daring attempt to purge the police force in our recent history and we commend the Inspector General of Police’s exceptional commitment to discipline and professionalism within the police force.

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“You’ll agree that students across the country are the biggest victims of the bad eggs within the police force. They bully, intimidate and squeeze students at gunpoint under the guise of checking their phones.

“So the elimination of haphazard searches of phones, extortion of civilians at gunpoint, and the use of POS for extortion by the bad egg in the Nigerian police force is not only commendable, but it provides the platform for greater cooperation between the people and the Police force in the fight against insecurity in the country.

“The IGP’s pro-activity in fighting the scourge of police indiscipline, unprofessionalism and corruption is a clear testament to its undying passion to bring the police back to an era of unprecedented professionalism, honesty and accountability, like many rogue police officers. held accountable for their actions in recent months.

“We therefore offer our solidarity and support for the exceptional work the IGP Alkali Baba Usman is doing in reforming the Nigerian police force from within and putting high-quality services to the people on the pedestal,” he said.

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The NANS president noted that a less corrupt police force would be better positioned to fight insecurity in the country and gain Nigerians’ trust in intelligence and information sharing.

“While we commend the IGP Alkali Baba Usman for his great work, we encourage him not to relax in his effort to purge the system as Nigerian students are firmly behind him and his reform agendas.

“We call on all security forces to do their best to provide security for Nigerians and to resist the temptation to use their privileged position to harass, intimidate and extort the citizens they are tasked to protect.

“As long as the Nigerian police continue with these internal reforms to reposition the force, Nigerian students across the country will continue to work and work with the police and their leaders to increase their capacity to fight insecurity,” he said.


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