Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory Football Association (FCT FA), Adam Mouktar Mohammed, has formally announced his intention to become the next president of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) after a stakeholder group bought his nomination form in Abuja on Wednesday.

Speaking to sports journalists in Abuja, Mouktar Mohammed said he is ready to bring the desired value to Nigerian football and the game he is deeply passionate about.

“I’m vying for the NFF presidency to serve my country and add value to a sport I’m most passionate about. I am eminently qualified and equipped for the arduous task that lies ahead. I will outline my vision and mission for Nigerian football in my official statement,” he said.

Mouktar Mohammed was elected FCT FA chairman in 2019 after serving as the second vice chairman.

The Accounting and Economics graduate from Middlesex University, United Kingdom, is the owner of FC Hearts, which has produced several players for different categories of Nigerian national teams.

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