Head of Department of Safety and Security, Confederation of Africa Football, Dr. Christian Emeruwa, says the Nigerian football system must be changed immediately to move the game forward in the country.

Emeruwa, one of the contenders for the Nigerian Football Federation presidency in next month’s Benin City poll, said at a news conference in Lagos on Wednesday.

“The current state of Nigerian football is not the fault of the people who are playing football today, it is the system they have met on the ground and we need to change that. If there is not a strong governance structure, no one will help you “The only way is to have a defined structure that will govern itself. In the NFF house, you put out the fire every minute. It’s more than the eyes can see,” said Emeruwa, a former official with the NFF.

He also deplored the NFF’s poor financial condition.

“NFF gives nothing back to society. There is no CSR, we have become a poor organization that continues to receive and receive. I’m not saying this because I’m fighting, I know that with the power of football we can do so many things in society,” Emeruwa said.

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“How much has the NFF been able to generate? I saw the speech of the (sports) minister, when he said that N15 billion had been spent on NFF in seven years.

He referred to corruption and nepotism as clogs in the wheels of Nigerian football’s progress that needed to be eradicated.

“Corruption kills development and accountability. Nepotism is here, who you know is more important than what you can do. If we want to hire coaches then let’s go for the best, if it’s players then let’s go for the best too, not the man know man we adopted and ours a laughing stock in the world has made.”

On why he contested the NFF presidency, Emeruwa said, “I don’t want to lead a local Nigerian federation, I want to lead a federation that will compete with the world’s best and now is the time.”

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