Cable Point, a suburb of Asaba populated primarily by members of the Arewa community in Delta state, recently witnessed activities in which the wife of the state governor, Dame Okowa, cheered from nursing mothers and mothers, disapproved of the micronutrient supplementation and the mass deworming exercise for mothers and children.

Some moms, including Janeth Okobi, Aisha Bello and Rodah Okon, expressed satisfaction with the exercise they said exposed them to basic infant and maternal nutrition and the need to deworm children at the right time.

Ms. Okowa concluded the exercise in partnership with the State Organization for the Development of Primary Health Care (PHDA) and explained that the fight against nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women and children cannot be overemphasized.

She called on well-meaning individuals, organizations and donor organizations to join in the eradication of malnutrition in expectant mothers and children.

She said her pet project, the “O5 Initiative,” and the Delta State PHCDA were working together to improve the nutritional status of pregnant women and children in the state, adding that the exercise would be extended to the state’s 25 local government areas. .

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She said: “As a state ambassador for nutrition, I have championed the cause of whole nutrition through the free medical outreach of the ‘O5 initiative’ statewide. The outreach gave me the opportunity to raise public awareness of the ideals of good nutrition; this has been, I dare say, well received.”

Ms. Okowa also took the opportunity to admonish mothers who dressed indecently in public places.

Dissatisfied with the way some moms showed up at the event, she noted that the current generation of women needs to mature into femininity.

“How will you and your husband leave the house and your husband will allow you to come out this way. Nurses and doctors should please teach them how to dress when they come to the hospitals,” Ms. Okowa said.

She advised women to give birth to children they can comfortably raise, given the economic uncertainties in the country.

The chairman of Delta State PHCDA, Dr. Isioma Okobah, pointed out that the event was in line with the agency’s goal of encouraging mothers to eat well and provide children with nutritious food to protect their health.

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The highlight of the occasion was nutritionists who made breastfeeding mothers aware of the benefits of affordable nutritious meals in the open market, regardless of their financial position.

Some supporters of the exercise donated nutritional supplements, de-worming drugs and mosquito nets to those present.


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