The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State has described accusations by the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) about Lagos State’s new parking policy as bizarre, embarrassing and despicable.

The Lagos State Parking Authority, LASPA, had issued a letter informing a certain company of its new tax regime of the sum of N290,000 for the off-site parking lot of the company, N80,000 per year each for the parking lot and a non-refundable administrative processing fee of N50,000.

Lagos PDP condemned the new tax regime, claiming it aimed to milk the people of the state to fund the ambition of a person who had held the state and its people by the jugular vein.

In response to the allegation, Lagos APC spokesman Hon Oluseye Oladejo said the Lagos PDP is seeking an opportunity to collect a ball of wool in front of the people of the state by pretending to have a selfless interest. in their well-being.

He said: “We received with a shock the unfortunate statement from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos State, about the new parking policy in the state.

The opposition party, in its attempt to curb the feelings of the people of Lagos and in its distinctive way, has made accusations that are bizarre, embarrassing and despicable.

It should be noted that in the effort of the Lagos State Government to respond to the growing need for regulation of chaotic parking in the state, it has passed a law establishing the Lagos State Parking Authority – LASPA.

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With an estimated 1.2 million registered vehicles, approximately 224 vehicles per kilometer of road space, and a population of more than 24 million people, Lagos State certainly needs a sustainable state-wide parking policy to complement its renewed urban development plan and its increasingly competitive needs. for space, especially in the city activity centers and Central Business Districts.

According to recent statistics from the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), there are more than 13 million active vehicles on Nigeria’s roads today. Of that figure, there are more than 2 million cars in Lagos. About 10 percent of cars have to be parked every day.

The visionary drive of successive Lagos State governments, which have seen Lagos State gradually emerge as a true 21st century city-state, with a burgeoning economy, top-notch infrastructure and service support systems, is clearly beyond the PDP’s deteriorating view. What happens to PDP in its famous short-sightedness is politics and making money.

In the most ridiculous way, the opposition party rather sees an opportunity to collect a ball of wool in front of the people of the state, pretending to have some altruistic interest in their well-being. It is easy for the critical people of this state to see beyond the hypocritical sympathy of the PDP.

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Otherwise, if the PDP leadership had such genuine concern for Lagosians, it should be demonstrated to alleviate the untold hardships many people of the state face on the road every day.

It should be reiterated for the information of the general public that LASPA or any of its staff or agents will not charge for cars parked on any property. However, for each car parked in the backlog, that person, organization or group of people will be charged accordingly.

A setback (for obvious reasons) is the space between your fence and the walkway or road, as the case may be. The person who claims that he/she has a misfortune around his/her property must provide official documentation from the authorized MDA in Lagos State proving the legal ownership of the said misfortune and the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) certificate of the property good to the authority.

To be clear, LASPA’s main job is to regulate parking to reduce the traffic congestion caused by random parking, reduce travel time, loss of productive man-hours and economic downtime, which multiplied by the average wage rate amounts to billions of naira. and to reduce incessant traffic accidents.

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These are by far noble goals aimed at making Lagos beneficial to all residents. Therefore, we recommend Lagosians to ignore the charlatans currently running PDP in the state and work with LASPA to achieve the goal of clearing our way from a stalemate.”

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) has debunked social media posts about the state government’s tax system, saying it is malicious and pure propaganda aimed at undermining the good initiatives of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s government. .

The General Director, LASPA, Adebisi Adelabu, said: “The Authority has employed several Lagosians at the start of operations regardless of tribe, religion or party affiliation.
The claim that the state is using the Authority to raise campaign funds is reckless and mischievous. It is a fraudulent attempt to mislead the public and turn the people against the government. Parking is a universal phenomenon; it is not a creation of the Lagos State Government.

The business entity that recently misinterpreted the Authority’s Demand Notice and incorrectly posted it on social media has since apologized to the Authority for misinforming the public.”


Lagos new parking tax regime: PDP allegations are shameful, despicable, APC says

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