Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Ilorin West/Asa federal constituency in the 2023 general election, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Ajia, donated five industrial fire extinguishers to Alanamu Market over the weekend to help prevent the outbreak to prevent fire.

It is recalled that a fire devastated the market in July this year in the metropolis of Ilorin, where properties worth millions of naira were destroyed, just as the market was recently reopened for normal day-to-day business dealings.

Addressing the traders after the presentation of the fire extinguishers, Alhaji Ajia explained that because he knew the cause of the inferno and the need to prevent future fire disasters in the market, he decided to provide the market women with safety equipment.

The representative’s representative said it is not about building markets, adding that it is very important to take preventive measures to avoid such events in the future.

Ajia, who is also the founder of the Mohammed Ajia Ibrahim (MAI) Foundation and a security expert, said: “I am here in the market of Alanamu to feel sorry for the good people of the community, regardless of their political affiliation or alliances, about the fire incident that happened some time ago.

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“I was not there when it happened, but the deputies I sent were studying the situation. Based on findings, I believe that in markets we should have some safety procedures in place and that’s why I donate these five industrial fire extinguishers to the Alanamu market today, just in case we have a problem like this; what we don’t pray for, we have something to curb the fire.

“And today I also take this opportunity to call on our mothers, the young and our fathers to unite before the 2023 general election.

“The reason we run to offices is because of people, so we shouldn’t divide them because of our interests. So I preach peace to our people and that we must be united. I pray God to make us one and united.


“Politicians must be held accountable and voters must exercise their right to vote wisely in the upcoming elections for the betterment of our state and the country in general,” he said.

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The philanthropist, who had supported the people of the state in health, education and welfare; assured that personnel would be deployed to secure the fire extinguishers in strategic places around the market for accessibility and proper use.

Previously, Dr. Usman Atolagbe Abubakar, the Balogun Alanamu of Ilorin Emirate, the gesture, prayed Almighty God to continue to bless the donor and grant him his heart’s desire.

“We sincerely appreciate you for the support and I pray Allah to continue to enrich you. The fire extinguisher will be used judiciously, although we do not pray for the fire to break out again, but since we have it now, we have adequate preventive measures and we will be protected.

Speaking on behalf of the marketers, the Iyaloja or Alanamu market, Alhaja A. Aromokala said, “We thank Alhaji Mohammed Ajia for donating these devices to us. We also appreciate him for the candid advice we received that we should stick together and should not be divided. We promise you that the Alanamu marketers will be more united and we pray God to be with you and answer your prayers.”

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