The National Union of Electricity Employees, Kano Electricity Distribution Company chapter, on Monday issued a 14-day strike notice to KEDCO management over undistributed withholding pension to pension fund managers, among others.

The workers threatened to cripple the distribution company’s operations if management failed to act.

In a petition to NUEE’s CEO/Chief Executive, who copied NUEE’s Director General, Directorate of State Service and Secretary General Joe Ajaero, the union denounced management’s continued refusal to waive third-party deductions. name-calling and blatant disregard for it made agreements with the union on outstanding Labor issues.

The message read in part: “At a meeting on March 30, 2022 between the Union and KEDCO management regarding the delay in implementing the committee’s report mentioned above, in addition to promotion-related issues; the management promised to start the payment without delay.

“Once again, KEDCO’s management failed to fulfill its commitment to begin third-party withholding payments and to effect payment of new salaries to newly promoted personnel without undue delay. The union expressed its disappointment in memo NUEE/ZOS/KD/2022/170 dated April 15, 2022.

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“You also recall that an emergency meeting took place on April 21, 2022, coinciding with the visit of the national union officials, where you promised to pay, but to no avail.

“Still in the spirit of industrial harmony and understanding, union officials led by the Vice President (North/West) contacted the CCSO on June 1, 2022 to address these concerns. Management promised to arrange payment once the CFO returns from an official trip to Abuja.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the CFO has refused to return from Abuja, as approximately 12 months of union dues, 12 months of employee co-op, 56 months of premium pension arrears, to name a few, have not been waived, and other labor forces remain unresolved to date. issues.”

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