Obi-Datti’s media agency has denied reports that Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi was in talks with a party’s presidential candidate to negotiate her stance in the 2023 elections.

According to the statement, the meeting of the Labor Party candidate and other Nigerian political leaders was an open matter and should not be seen by the supporters of any candidate as an asset to her political journey.

The statement read in part: “We know the spin doctors’ intent in selling a completely false story that the high-flying Labor Party candidate Peter Obi met his PDP counterpart and struck a deal. Nothing is less true!

“Obi’s trip abroad, the motive, and where and who to meet are already in the public domain; his meeting in the UK with some Nigerian political leaders is visually seen by all. But mischievous propagandists prefer to make up lies in a desperate attempt to clean up their candidate.

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“We understand why the focus is on the Obi-Datti candidacy; they are easily the frontrunners in this 2023 race and the tag team has irresistible messages that resonate with the beleaguered Nigerian public more eager than ever to reclaim and take back their country.

“The LP candidates are on a divine mission to save and rebuild this country and cannot be distracted by fabrications designed to mislead. If Obi’s mission is to save Nigeria from the old order, he should not be seen as working for the changing order.


“The laughably contradictory story reveals that the writers have already exhausted themselves before the start of the election campaign and are now resorting to production supporters. The same people who said that Obi is a social media phantom wave with no political structure to win an election are today struggling to “photoshop” the same Obi with their candidate.

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“Obi’s respect for Atiku or any leader in this country has more to do with his sound upbringing and the fact that his style of politics is devoid of hatred and bitterness and should not be misconstrued as a twist of the issued order created by the competition. is represented.

“These propagandists need to know that the movement that Obi and Datti-Ahmed are driving is not something one man can control.

“Nigerian people have taken over the wheel of Obi and are driving him to the Aso Rock Villa; they will not look sideways for distractions.

“Obi-Datti’s media agency is aware of information that many twisted stories will be presented to the public to create confusion in their minds of the public and notes that such a mission is dead upon arrival because the dedication of the people to the command ‘Obient’ is total.”

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