The Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) has enrolled 90 young people in the Niger Delta Peace Champions Program to join PIND’s network of peace actors on peacebuilding, conflict Early Warning and Early Response (EWER), and interventions from where they live and work in the region.

In a press release, the organization working to address socio-economic problems in the Niger Delta said participants included 51 men, 39 women and five people with disabilities.

According to PIND’s Peacebuilding Program Manager, David Udofia, the program, which empowers 18- to 35-year-olds, is part of PIND’s peacebuilding strategy to help prevent, reduce and resolve violent conflict in the Niger Delta.

“Its members are young people passionate about making a difference in their communities through peacebuilding,” he said. “They were selected for their passion for supporting existing peacebuilding structures and implementing conflict resolution.”

He said the youth learned how to use PIND’s EWER system to report conflicts and respond quickly to those threats, while also being shown how to send text messages through the Integrated’s SMS-based platform. Peace and Development Unit (IPDU) of the PIND.

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Chukwudi Njoku, PIND’s Peacebuilding Capacity Building Coordinator, spoke about some of the benefits of the program for youth and said it was an opportunity for the participants to gain new knowledge, exchange ideas and contribute to peace and development in their communities and in the Niger Delta. big.

He added that the beneficiaries also benefit from training in leadership, volunteering, conflict management, analysis, peacebuilding advocacy, community engagement and election monitoring/reporting. They also learned the applicability of innovations such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for peacebuilding processes.


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