IT has become necessary for everyone to develop reading as a culture due to the growing nature of today’s world. There is no doubt that it is sacred that one should nurture and improve one’s mind in order to be able to read in order to keep abreast of today’s trending issues; not just read, but read eagerly. To this end, government as a governing body – whether at the local, state or federal level – must be able to take the lead in encouraging people to incorporate and develop reading habits so that they can come into contact with the needs of the public. world today. That is mainly what the Frankfurt Book Fair is set up to show the whole world.

Book fair is usually a way of displaying or displaying books, usually by a group of publishers or booksellers to promote sales and generate interest. The Frankfurt Book Fair is said to be the world’s largest trade fair for books, based on the number of publishers usually represented year after year. It is also considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trade. There has been a cascade of pleasant testimonials about Frankfurt Book Fair – to adopt German nomenclature, which simply means Frankfurt Book Fair. It is an exciting avenue where authors, publishers and different classes of book enthusiasts come together to celebrate and display written treatises. In fact, a book fair provides a wonderful opportunity to discover new writers and reconnect with the classics, as well as other countless thriller books.

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Aside from the golden opportunity to cross-fertilize ideas between literary personalities, book fairs in general are a good way to promote reading habits and shape the character of individuals. It has already become known that Spain will be the guest of honor at the Frankfurt 2022 event, where visitors will be introduced to a vast array of literature and cultures. The Frankfurt Buchmesse, for example, offers the aforementioned numerous possibilities and much more. A book fair is usually an opportunity for individuals or groups to share their knowledge of books and cultural creativity. There is no denying that book fair builds excitement among attendees and brings people together socially and academically. The Frankfurt Book Fair is out again to bring people together where academic disciplines will meet disciplines, even as culture contact culture. It is my sincere belief that Nigeria will not be left behind in this dignified moment that is already at hand. Despite the economic and socio-political challenges in the country, Nigerians remain a lover of books. It is a fact that the nation is blessed with scholars and celebrated scholars, writers and readers, as well as eminent writers and readers.

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Reading starts from nursery to university level, the highest level of education in the world. It is important for the leadership of our nation of Nigeria to encourage the citizens to embark on reading expeditions by providing the required stimulating atmosphere. A country that wants to promote reading culture must in any case oppose all forms of strikes, especially in the education sector. If the issue of reading is tackled with a listless attitude, the negative side effects are sure to permeate and transcend every facet of the education system, creating a society that does not see the need for reading at all.

The month of October is almost upon us again, when book lovers – educators, educators, journalists or newsmen in general, regardless of their affiliations from around the world – will leave the comfort or inconvenience of their country to participate in Frankfurt’s annual event. Relevant questions can be asked against this background. In the spirit of promoting reading culture, how many Nigerians would be willing to represent the country at the popular Frankfurt Book Fair? How many honorable ministers, governors, senators or other political heavyweights would be willing to sponsor journalists, journalists, information officers, or whatever name they go by to represent Nigeria on a media tour or to cover the Frankfurt Book Fair? Hopefully, if Nigerian journalists are well represented in Germany for the auspicious event, there will be a yawning opportunity for them to return home in due course with prizes and pride, in addition to the obvious way to propagate reading culture. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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