Rotary Club of Iyaganku-Ibadan planted 20 trees on Wednesday to address the impact of climate change in the country.

On the tree planting program, the guest speaker, former president of Rotary Club of Ibadan Jericho Metro and also a farmer, Mr. Adekunle Are, said that tree planting is very important and should be encouraged in society.

He noted that one of the ways to tackle the problem of unemployment in the country is to plant trees.

It is said that in most states, tree planting should be integrated into the master plan to create a conducive environment for people to live.

He said the exercise aims to contain the problem of climate change, prevent flooding and also beautify the environment.


“The problem of climate change is now a problem all over the world; we are more concerned with our environment so planting trees is an important aspect of tackling climate change and i believe from an economics perspective, the environment, tree planting is very important and it should be in our society are encouraged.

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“The population is growing, so more houses will be needed, and it’s important to have a balance between housing and maintenance of the environment. Tree planting needs to be integrated into the master plan in most of our states, so we’re not just talking about residents, but also about creating a good living environment for people, because trees are very healthy for the environment.”

In her speech, the club president, Ms. Kemi Akinpelu, revealed that tree planting is very important to Rotary Club, saying that trees add value to life and also help to reduce the dangers of erosion and dust.

“Of the trees we are planting today as part of our 34th anniversary of the Club, they have so many benefits, especially economic benefits; we plant coconut palms, tangerines, oranges and so many other trees today that will bear fruit and be of economic importance.

“I will advise Nigerians to plant more trees in our communities; most houses don’t have gardens where they can plant vegetables, I’ll just urge them to lock up their houses less in the name of beautifying the interlocking, with concrete all around the houses, but we should have more fruit and must have different plants so that we will live well and live long.

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“The exercise also ties in with the introduction of the Club’s seventh focus area, which focused on beautifying the environment and making the environment safe.”

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Rotary Club starts planting trees in Ibadan

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Rotary Club starts planting trees in Ibadan

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