Conflict is a well-known concept to man and has been around since the day of Cain and Abel. From disagreeing countries to family and relationship conflicts, there is no doubt that conflict is an essential part of human life.

Partners and couples disagree in relationships and marriages, not because they don’t love each other, but because of the inevitable nature of conflict. If the tongue and teeth can disagree and bite each other every now and then, who are we as humans not to witness the conflict in our relationships every now and then.

Conflicts in relationships can lead to depression, anxiety, abuse, high blood pressure and even divorce. But what are the most common causes of these conflicts?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular conflict-causing issues and how to avoid them.

1. Finance

As the popular saying goes, “Money is the root of all evil.” This saying cannot be far from the truth, as many instances of conflict in marriages and relationships can be traced back to financial issues. Some partners depend on their spouses for their financial needs. Therefore, the inability of these spouses to partially or fully meet these needs sometimes degenerates into conflict.

How it can be avoided:

To avoid getting into trouble with your partner because of finances, try getting them to sit down and reason with each other. Make a good plan about how you can meet both of your needs with your disposable income.

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2. Choice of meals

The importance of food can never be overemphasized, it is simply unavoidable. Times without numbers, the choice of what to eat and what not to eat at home has led to conflict in many relationships. While partner ‘A’ may be craving rice and chicken, it could be beans and plantains that partner ‘B’ would crave. This disagreement in their food choices can subtly turn into conflict if left unattended.

How it can be avoided:

To avoid conflicts due to meal choice, you can simply create a timetable for your daily meals. This simply saves you the unnecessary discussion of what to cook and what not to cook. The timetable also allows you to make room for some changes in case one of you doesn’t like a particular dish. Assuming that in your timetable the meal to be prepared for Monday morning is tea and bread, and it is not a food that your partner likes, you can make room to include other foods that your partner would like on such a day. likes.

3. Choice of TV channels to watch

People who have football or Zee World loving partners can easily relate to this. For some men, nothing can stop them from watching their favorite soccer teams play, while some women can trade their favorite Zee World series for nothing. If proper care is not taken, the choice of who to use the remote control, especially on days when sports and Zee World programs clash, can lead to conflict.

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How it can be avoided:

Before embarking on any sports or Zee World program, you should try to notify your partner in advance. For example, if your football club has a game on the weekend, you can inform your partner during the week to make sure they are not running a Zeeworld program at the same time.

Having more than one television that can meet both needs at once is also a plus.

4. Chores

As funny as this may sound, it has led to countless conflicts in relationships, especially in marriage. Some men believe that it is a woman’s job to take care of the household and do all the household chores while it is their own responsibility to provide the family with money. Some women, on the other hand, believe that they are not slaves and should not be the ones who cook, clean, wash and do other household chores without any help from their partners. This has undoubtedly degenerated into conflict many times in relationships.

How it can be avoided:

You both need to understand that you need each other for the relationship to work. You should consciously take care of the household in a way that does not lead to conflict. Nor is it a crime to help each other with some household chores, either out of courtesy or to make sure your partner doesn’t feel overwhelmed by household chores.

5. Uncertainties

Jealousy, lack of trust, vulnerability and the like can lead to conflict in a relationship if not taken care of. If you are insecure about your partner, you keep bringing up unnecessary matters that can degenerate into a conflict.

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How it can be avoided:

If you find that your partner is the one who is insecure in the relationship, always try to make time to spend with him or her and constantly assure him of your love and commitment to the relationship. On the other hand, if you are the one who is insecure in the relationship, try to develop self-esteem, instead of arguing with your partner, try talking to them about what they are not doing right.

6. Intimacy

It is a common phenomenon in marriages that one partner always desires more intimacy than the other. The partner who desires more may feel rejected and unappreciated, while the partner with a low sex drive may feel they are under pressure to do more than they can. In many cases this has led to conflict in many marriages.

How it can be avoided:

To be on the same level when it comes to intimacy, there is a need for good sexual communication between the two couples. You should both sit down and talk about how to bridge the intimacy gap between you.

You can also make an appointment with a relationship and sex expert who can give you professional advice on how to improve your sexual life.


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