Thousands of supporters of Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi closed Port Harcourt on Friday in solidarity with his bid to become the country’s president.

The approximately 10,000 supporters gathered at the Eleme junction axis of Aba Road and sang songs in praise of Obi.

The supporters, under the auspices of the Two Million man March for Obi, donned white shirts with fez caps and marched on to the stretch of Ikwerre road before finishing their trek to Isaac Adaka Boro Park.

The march caused a stalemate with many motorists diverting to other routes.

The supporters mainly sang ‘Obi, Obi, Obi’ and danced them on.

They held placards highlighting the leadership problems in the country and suggesting that Obi would solve them.

They also called on Nigerians to prepare for a change.

Braving heavy rain, the crowd of the ‘Obi-dients’ were addressed by Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo, at Isaac Boro Park.

Dokubo repeated the slogan ‘We no dey give shishi, we no dey collect shishi’ to the excitement of the crowd.

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