Organizer of the Olokun festival in 2022, Ambassador Yeye Fashola, has urged the federal government to make good use of different cultures in the country with a view to increasing its gross domestic product (GDP), saying that this is very timely in the current bad economic situation that was passing through Nigeria.

Fashola made this appeal in Lagos over the weekend at a press conference, ahead of the Olokun Festival in 2022, themed “The Role of African Culture in the Promotion and Development of Africans”, which was held on August 26 and 27.

This was exactly as the organizer noted that the Olokun festival had been held by the foundation since the 1990s and had become so popular that tourists now marked the days in their calendars to attend, saying it was high time that all hands were put on deck to systematically convert it into economic value.

According to her, taking advantage of different cultures in the country comes at the right time in the current situation, and she says that if such a move were made, the GDP of the country would increase, as well as that of the entire African continent.

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“The Olokun Festival is celebrated all over Yorubaland and its main purpose is to unite our people and the whole world and show the culture, value and heritage of our precious people.

“The festival, which has been held since the 1990s, is organized by the Olokun Festival Foundation and has become so popular that tourists are now marking the days in the calendar to attend.

“It has promoted tourism and the cultural value chain to the world as a whole and has made African culture ripe for potential promise. It is high time that all hands are put on deck to systematically turn it into economic value,” she said.

“It is very topical in the current situation in the country. I am convinced that if our culture is used properly, it will increase the GDP of Nigeria and, of course, the entire African continent,” she confirmed.

However, Ambassador Fashola argued that it was necessary to empower the young to take their destiny into their own hands and to take advantage of the continent’s deep cultural diversity to develop itself economically, saying that the promotion of African culture is “a should have an impact on the way we see life.”

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“It is necessary to educate our young people to take their destiny into their own hands and to take appropriate advantage of the deep cultural diversity of the continent to develop themselves economically. The promotion of our culture in Africa should have an impact on the way we look at life,” she said.

A member of the Olokun Festival Foundation, John Oba, also urged the federal government and the private sector to invest in Nigerian culture. to protect the culture of the region.

“The culture of Africa and especially the Yoruba people is very decent and you will not see a trace of immorality in our dressings. Everything about us, we can say, is the best in the world.

“I’m only using Yorubas as an example, but we also have unique, beautiful cultures all over Africa and we need to bring that back. imagine the dance steps of Yoruba people, very unique and all about us.

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“Let’s not throw it away because some of our cultures and traditions are dying in such a way that some of our young people don’t even know most of them,” he said.


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