The West African Examinations Council has released the results of the 2022 West African Senior School Certificate Examination for school candidates.

Yaba, the head of Nigeria Office, WAEC, Mr. Patrick Areghan, said at the WAEC office on Monday: “The results will be uploaded on the results website. Candidates who have taken the exam and have fulfilled their financial obligations to the Council, have access to their results on the Council’s results website within 12 hours.

“Copies of the results list will be sent to schools shortly. I need not repeat that the results of candidates sponsored by states indebted to the Council are now released only after they have paid. We appeal to them to do so in order to give affected schools/candidates access to their results.”

He added that some schools failed to upload their students’ Continuous Assessment Scores Capturing System by the stipulated time, and many schools failed to meet registration deadlines, to the extent that some schools ended up failing to present their students for the exam.

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“Yet some who registered their students offline did not upload their submissions! This showed an unacceptable degree of nonchalance. Still others failed to meet deadlines due to criminal ‘shopping’ for candidates. By the time they figured it out, the window was closed,” he said.

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