Nigeria’s Vigilante group announced this weekend that it has lost more than 1,200 personnel in the fight against insecurity because there is no legislation allowing the group to carry weapons.

In Abuja, the group’s commander, Dr. Usman Mohammed Jehu, that the group has lost many lives in the course of fighting insecurity without weapons.

“You see, this work that we do, we need government support, especially with work materials such as vehicles, uniforms and equipment.

“For now, we are not allowed to carry weapons, except in places where there are serious problems. The security personnel allow us to carry weapons, but the authority does not allow us to carry weapons.”

The group called on the president to sign the Vigilante Group Bill so they can carry weapons and effectively combat insecurity.

“The bill has been passed by the National Assembly for the past four years and sent to the president.

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“There must be causalities in the fight against insecurity. We have lost more than 1,200 employees in several operations and there is no welfare package for them,” he said.

Usman appealed to the presidency to ensure that those who have fought insecurity without necessary provisions did not fight in vain.

They urged the president to sign the Vigilante Group Bill to give them access to high-quality training and weapons.

The Assistant Director of Operations, Victor Azuogalaya, said, “If the group is given more powers, they will perform better.”


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