New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) presidential campaign spokesman Ladipo Johnson has said Senator Ibrahim Shekarau has not left the party because of a breach of trust or a desire to make Nigeria better.

He said the move was purely because of his personal interest which was not taken care of by the NNPP, although he was assured he would be taken if the side wins in 2023.

Ladipo noted that, among other things, Shekarau made impossible demands as conditions to remain in the NNPP.

He said those conditions could not be met because they have been overtaken by events and he was not patient to work for Nigeria and has defected to where things are done the old way.

Ladipo said Senator Shekarau demanded 31 seats for the House of Representatives and six seats for the Federal House of Representatives, in addition to his senate seat which has already been secured.

In his view, it did not fit the new political culture to change the narrative in Nigeria.

He said it was inappropriate for the NNPP leadership to call members of the party who bought forms for these respective offices to drop their interest in the negotiated interests.

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He insisted that this was the old order and that it could not be introduced into the party.

“Of course they said to him, you can’t have these 31 seats, nothing can be done immediately.”

He insisted that Shekarau opting out of the party was in no way related to “breach of trust”, but he knew all along that he was going, hence his face-to-face meeting with All Progressive Party (APC) presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

He denied any possible agreement between NNPP Senator Musa Kwankwaso and APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Senator Musa Kwankwaso does not work for Tinubu. Senator Kwankwaso is much better qualified for the position of president, he said.

For his part, former PDP chairman Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi said Shekarau left the NNPP for the PDP to improve Nigeria.

He argued that the former governor of Kano state had found shelter in the PDP and chose to join the party to join forces with the PDP and make Nigeria a better place.

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His words: “To make Nigeria better it is not about what is coming at this moment, it is about making Nigeria better and he is willing to work with us in the PDP to bring about positive change in this country by 2023.

Makarfi said it was clear that the main opposition party would emerge victorious in 2023 and that everyone who worked for the party’s victory would be duly rewarded.

“At the level of the polling stations at district level. PDP is very active. Things happen regardless of current sentiments.

“The party will also have to move forward at a higher level. But as it progresses, it should leave room for accommodation.

‘You have to, otherwise you might not come to an agreement today. Tomorrow you can come to an agreement and if we come to that agreement, what you need to change, then you come and adjust it so that we all go together.

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He said there was room in the PDP and that Shekarau has a better chance within the PDP family he was once part of than any other party.

“No campaign structures have been formed at any level, but party people have been active, you know, at the level of the polling station management department, at the local government level they have been active.”

According to Makarfi, “the formal control structures have yet to be arranged. Thus, he has lost nothing in terms of active placement and participation in the structure. He will be adequately placed in the structures along with his supporters

Makarfi said the PDP would win the elections in 2023 and the efforts of its party members are duly recognised.

“I am absolutely certain that such a person will be appropriately accommodated and that such a person or persons will be appropriately taken into government on the basis of their contribution in real terms, and the contribution in real terms will be based on election results.”


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