Former Jigawa state governor Sule Lamido has welcomed the conciliatory meeting between Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike and People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

According to him, the meeting at the residence of a former Minister of Information and Guidance, Prof. Jerry Gana, was a sign of positive things to come.

Lamido in an interview with The PUNCH on Thursday night, he recalled how Jerry Gana left the PDP because of Wike, but later returned to the party after earnestly begging himself, former Senate Speaker David Mark and National PDP President Dr. Iyorchia Ayu.

He said, “Honestly I have no idea. But if it (the meeting) actually takes place, I will be the happiest person because the person in whose house it was held, Jerry Gana, one of the three surviving founding fathers of the PDP Everyone else is dead.

“So, it now means that he is being consciously disturbed because he is now bringing common sense into the party to the party he made his sacrifices to, for which his colleagues died.

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“Those are my feelings and that’s fine because there was one time when Jerry Gana left the PDP because of Wike. It was me, David Mark and Iyorchia Ayu who went begging him. You see, there is no one in Nigeria greater than this party and you cannot leave because of someone, you cannot do that.

“So at the end of the day he is now doing what a leader should be doing. Today he is concerned about the state of the PDP and he is doing his very best to ensure that whatever our differences have been are now harmonized .

“I thank him for remembering the role he played in the PDP and the legacy of its founding fathers, his confreres such as Abubakar Rimi, Bola Ige, Alex Ekwueme and Adamu Ciroma, who died in the course of this struggle.”

Lamido also disagreed with the demands for the looting of Iyorchia Ayu.

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He said, ‘I don’t know. It’s all up to your imagination. You people see it as entertaining for you, bringing news that can cause sensation and controversy. That’s what you do in the press, create a situation where you can sell your newspapers.

“Iyorchia Ayu was one of the founders of the PDP, nine of us; I tell you in 1998, when others (Sani) followed Abacha, everyone else followed Abacha’s transformation agenda.

“But Iyorchia Ayu, Jerry Gana, myself and the late Abubakar Rimi, the late Solomon Lar, the late Bola Ige, the late Alex Ekwueme, the late Adamu Ciroma; We are the ones.

“Of the nine who died, three are alive, while others are dead. So even for those who died, even for their memory, we must preserve the PDP’s legacy. If you say Iyorchia Ayu should be removed. I ask by whom the hell? Where were you in 1998? So this has to go beyond entertainment.

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“The PDP is a serious party, for God’s sake it is a very serious party. When you embarrass the party, ‘remove Mr A, remove Mr B’, you have not been fair to the party of history and legacy. Because the more controversies you create, the more tension you create and the more you divide the party and that is not good for Nigeria.
So you have to be serious in what we say, in what we demand, how we behave.”

Asked about the DG Campaign’s likely choice, Lamido replied: “One thing at a time, please. You keep fooling us. You keep asking preventive questions and trying to create sensation. We are trying to harmonize the party.”

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