The recent ruling by Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom to buy Ak-47 and Ak-49 rifles for the newly launched Benue Community Volunteer Guards has become a source of debate among Nigerians at home and abroad.

There is ample evidence to prove that the insecurity in the state of Benue is getting worse by the day than in any other state in Nigeria. Governor Ortom is not expected to be happy with the incessant killing of his people and this is what prompted him to buy advanced weapons for his citizens to protect himself from murder by criminals.

Enough is enough. Now is the right time for the Federal Government of Nigeria to investigate the security situation in Benue State before it is too late. Governor Ortom has yet to buy the weapons and the federal government must act quickly now to end the incessant killing of Benue civilians.

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We don’t want war in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari should use his good office right now to end the uncertainty facing the people of Benue state. We must not allow our nation to degenerate to a stage where we defend ourselves with Ak-47 and Ak-49 guns. Nobody wants to die, not even criminals.

The criminals are bold enough to attack Nigerians because they have guns. We need peace in Benue State and other parts of Nigeria, including Oyo State. I would advise the Governor of Benue State to consult widely before buying weapons for his people to defend themselves. It is good to seek advice from elder statesmen before taking such a step. Again, we don’t want a war in Nigeria.

Lawyer Jimoh Mumin, Ibadan


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